About us

Founded in 1999, Skyanalog mainly produces ultra-high precision parts and moving coil MC Cartridges, amplifiers, HIFI wires, of which MC Cartridge  have the reputation of "Chinese first Cartridge". Products are mainly exported to European and North American markets, has been OEM for Germany, North America, Japan and other well-known  brands from all over the world to produce high-end moving coil Cartridge.

Skyanalog has always regard the concept of products as works of art, each component is precisely made, reflecting the essence of Chinese manufacturing.We do our utmost to bring every customer an extraordinary LP playback experience with exquisite  craftsmanship and unique style

Our value

Our team has always adhered to the idea that  audio should serve the music art. After more    than twenty years of tireless efforts, we have get  customer acceptance so far. Products from analog equipment to digital equipment are  excellent, as if the deduction from the sounds of nature which can bring you into the beautiful realm of music,  as spring breeze, relaxation and joy.
    OUR      SERVICE
High  Quality
By searching and developing our unique material
We intend to give our customers the best product ever
Professional Team
We have professional designers and we are constantly changing.
Innovation to beyond makes our products more usable, convenient and safe because your choice  makes  us more motivated.
Reliable After-Sale
Professional and intimate
after-sales team.
Towards the direction of safety and   environmental protection, we will   devote ourselves to providing you with intimate service and reliable     after-sales team support.

Our Products

Over the past 20 years, we have persisted in the quality of national electrotechnics, experimenting thousands of times and keeping the same quality,from mould to material processing,from component to product assembly.
We have professional designers, we constantly change and innovate to make our products more useful, more convenient and safer because your choice makes us more motivated!
Jack Leung

Founder and Chief Designer of Skyanalog

CONTACT US                           Location: Guangdong, China